Student Experiences

Southern Sailing School




9 months ago
These guys are super helpful and that means the world. They got us up to speed as sailors pretty fast and in really solid shape with the attention to our personal sticking points so that we can comfortably bareboat charter a 35 foot sailing yacht in Tortola. They cover everything we needed to learn to be solid on a sailboat.
It feels amazing to have obtained a bareboat charter certificate that is accepted in the British Virgin Islands. Wow does that make your year! We were very happy and satisfied with the professionalism of Southern Sailing Academy. The one on one private instruction synching with my learning curve as a novice was a delight.

11 months ago
The best place for instruction!!! They have amazing instructor and sailor. Friendly staff, great fleet, and prime location. Looking forward to my next two classes. If you are trying to decide definitely consider Southern Sailing.


a week ago
Southern sailing academy is awesome. Captain Allan was so thoroughly professional delivery in his instruction catered exactly to my novice learning curve. I would highly recommend them A 1!
Barbara McGee

a week ago
I took a sailing lesson with sailing instructor Don Shapray. The first thing I was impressed with is the one on one coaching I received. Unlike other teaching venues that teach in a group setting, Southern Sailing follows the success model that private college prep schools use to get their students ready for the top Ivy League Universities. Don is skilled in all levels of sailing instruction from making the novice sailor comfortable and at ease to advanced racing skills. Don Shapray has won numerous racing competitions and is a master teacher and great communicator!

in the last week
I called around and compared sailing schools and found that the group teaching setup is the most common. Trying to learn how to play piano in a group just doesn’t work and is a waste of time and money. Also trying to learn to fly a plane or sail a boat in a group is a ridiculous idea that is a ripoff for the student and a big moneymaker for the sausage factory school. I have some anxiety around learning to handle a boat on the water by myself and I found out the hard way that only private personalized instruction was worth my time and money. Southern Sailing delivers in a world of lies.